Base64 Decode

Base64 Decode

Base64 Decode help you decode binary data into text

Base64 Decode tool by is a free online tool that allows you to decode binary data into text. It has the ability to convert binary data in the form of images, audio, text, and other files.

Base64 is a widely used encoding algorithm. It is a way of representing binary data in an ASCII string of 64 characters. It is usually used to store and transmit binary data over the internet, for example images or files.

Base64 decoding tool can be helpful for those who need to decode Base64 encoded text files, or when you want to extract the original text from an image file that was uploaded on your website.

This base64 decode tool is easy to use. You can paste your Base64 code on the website and click Decode. This tool is a helpful tool for anyone who needs help converting binary code into text or vice versa without having to install any software or apps.