Case Converter

Case Converter

Change the letters cases of your text into Upper case, Lower case, Sentence case, or Capitalized case.

About Character Case Converter Tool

The Case Converter tool by helps to change the case of the letters of any text by changing its case either to Upper case, Lower case, Sentence case, and Capitalized case.

What are the Cases that Case Converter Tool offers?

There are four features our Case Converter tool can make, and you can choose and switch between them easily. They are

  • Sentence case: Change the given text first letter of each sentence to Upper case, and the rest to lower case.
  • lower case: Change all the given text letters into lower case.
  • UPPER CASE: Change all the given text letters into upper case.
  • Capitalized Case: Change all the given text words into upper case.

How to use the Case Converter Tool?

The case converters have never been easier than the  Top Online Tools Case Converter. Repairing your text is just as simple as it has been described below.

To use our Case Converter tool copy and paste your text inside the toolbox and choose how you want the tool to fix your text from the four different case converter types.

If you want to change the first letter of each sentence on your text to Upper case and the rest to lower case, then use the Sentence case option. And if you want to change all your text letters into lower case, then the choice should be the lower case. But if you want all your text to be changed to upper case, then click UPPER CASE. And finally, if you want to make all the words in your text capitalized, in that case, click the Capitalized Case button.

What is the benefit of using the Case Converter Tool?

Sometimes you have a long text have been written in lower case and you want to change -for example- the beginning of each sentence to upper case, so it looks better such as formal letters or articles.

In this case, changing all sentences manually will take so much time and effort. Here comes our Case Converter tool to make it very simple and easy to do all that in a single click of a button.

Top Online Tools Case Converter will make it very easy and straightforward to convert any letter or case to another with the options that have been mentioned before. With the help of this tool, you don't have to spend time editing your text manually.

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