HEX to Octal

Convert Hexadecimal values into Octal numbers easily and quickly

What is HEX to Octal converter tool?

Hexadecimal is a numeric system with a base of 16. It is the standard number system for representing colors in HTML, CSS, and SVG. It is mostly used by programmers, but there are many other use cases for this tool.

The HEX to Octal converter by TopOnlineTools is a tool that converts hexadecimal numbers into octal numbers. Hexadecimal to octal converter tool is a simple and easy-to-use online tool. It converts hexadecimal values into octal values in no time and is hassle-free.

What is Hexadecimal?

Hexadecimal or HEX for short is a number system that is based on the number 16, meaning that this number system is made up of 16 symbols or possible values that start from the number 0 to 9 to represent the numbers 0 through 9 and six alphabetical characters from A to F to represent the numbers 10 to 15.

What is Octal?

The octal system is a number system but with the number 8 as the base, which implies that this number system is made up of 8 digits which are the numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7. The octal system is a pleasing way to shorten binary numbers. 

How to use our HEX to Octal translator?

Using our HEX to Octal translator tool is so easy and straight to the point, all you have to do in order to achieve the conversion result is to copy and paste your Hex code inside the toolbox of the converter and click convert. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Copy your HEX numbers.
  2. Paste it inside the toolbox of the translator.
  3. Click Convert to convert the HEX to Octal.
  4. Edit the values if there are any errors.
  5. Copy your Octal code to use it wherever you want.

Why use our HEX to Octal translator tool?

There are several reasons we can count for you that force you to bookmark this awesome tool to use it whenever you need it. Here are some of them:

  • TopOnlineTools HEX to Octal converter is easy to use.
  • Our tool has a clean design and is nice looking.
  • This tool does the job fast, it converts any Hexadecimal into Octal in a blink of an eye.
  • Our TopOnlineTools converter is accurate, it converts the string with no errors or mistakes by its side.
  • There's no limit to using this tool, you can use it wherever and whenever you want.
  • It's free, we don't charge you money to use all our tools.

What are the differences between Hexadecimal and Octal?

  • The hexadecimal system is made up of 16 digits with a radix or base of 16, while the octal consists of 8 numbers with a radix or base of 8. Therefore, Representing a hexadecimal digit will require 4 bits while the octal system only requires 3.
  • Because the HEX system uses 16 digits it would be extremely tiresome to do arithmetic operations using it meanwhile the octal system has less number of digits only 8 which makes the performance of any arithmetic operations easier.

How to convert from Hexadecimal to Octal?

Converting a hexadecimal number to Octal manually is such a great hassle because for a number to be transformed to octal it must first be transferred to binary numbers and then converted from binary to octal. To have a hassle-free change, our conversion tool was created to convert between hexadecimal and octal.

How does the HEX to Octal converter tool work?

The converter works by first identifying and confirming that the number entered was a hexadecimal number. After identifying it, the converter first changes it to the equivalent binary digit which might be a long string of 0s and 1s, the converter will then have a built-in sub converter that will convert the binary number into the equivalent octal number.

All the above steps are done in just a second making it faster than manually trying to convert the digits, the converter tool for translating hex to octal is also very helpful in ensuring that the hex digits from 0-9 and A-F are converted to the correct octal number. The converter tool does not only convert numbers but can also convert complete files from hexadecimal to octal.

Now to get a better understanding of the process that takes place within the hex to octal converter tool we will see examples of hex to octal conversions: 

Example 1:

If we were to convert the decimal number 123 which is 7B in hex to an octal number we will have to do two steps

  • Step 1: convert 7B to binary

Every hexadecimal number is represented in the binary system using 4 bits.

7 in binary is 0111 and B in binary is 1011.

Therefore 7B is 01111011.

  • Step 2: convert 01111011 to octal
To convert to octal it must be 3 bits
= 001 111 011
= 1 7 3
= 173
Therefore, 7B in hexadecimal equals 173 in octal.

Example 2:

Convert the decimal number 55 which is 37 in hex to an octal number 

  • Step 1: convert 37 to binary

Every hexadecimal number is represented in the binary system using 4 bits.

3 in binary is 0011 and 7 in binary is 0111.

Therefore 37  is 00110111.

  • Step 2: convert 00110111 to octal
To convert to octal it must be 3 bits
= 000 110 111
= 0 6 7
= 67 
Therefore, 37  in hexadecimal equals 67 in octal.

In conclusion, the hex to octal converter is a very important tool that ensures quick reliable conversion of numbers from the hexadecimal system to the octal system, converting from hexadecimal to octal can be very important when performing arithmetic operations that are easier to deal with in oct form rather than hex.