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Convert different image formats into ICO images with different sizes

Maximum upload file size: 10 MB

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About ICO Converter Tool

ICO image converter by TopOnlineTools.net is a free online tool that helps you to convert different image formats into ICO images with different icon sizes. This tool is really helpful when you need to create an ICO file from an Image you have.

ICO Converter is the best way for you to convert any other type of image to an ICO file. It supports conversion from PNG to ICO, JPG to ICO, and many more. You can also convert ICO files into different formats such as GIF, and TIFF. And you can choose the ICO file size you want to generate.

How To Use ICO Converter Tool?

Using this ICO Converter tool is very easy, and you can create your ICO files in no time. All you have to do is to head to the Image Editing section on the TopOnlineTools website and choose the ICO Converter tool.

Once you are there, upload the image that you want to convert into ICO or locate it remotely. Click Choose File to use a file from your computer or click on Use Remote URL to use an image that is already on the web. Copy and paste the URL of the image inside the toolbox.

Next, choose the size of the output image from 9 different sizes. Finally, click Convert and then download your ICO file.

Why Use TopOnlineTools ICO Converter Tool?

There are many ICO image converter tools on the web, but it seems to us and many of our website's users that our tool is one of the best. Here are some reasons why you should consider bookmarking this tool.

  • TopOnlineTools ICO Converter tool is user-friendly. The design is beautiful and simple and using it is just so easy and straightforward.
  • Our tool does the conversion so fast. This tool will do the work instantly, so you get the ICO file from your image in no time.
  • The tool provides 9 different types of sizes that you can select from to determine the ICO file size.
  • The tool is available for lifetime use for free. You don't have a limit use for it and you won't be charged.
  • If you want to make other conversions to other image formats, you will find a bunch of related tools on this website.