JavaScript Beautifier

JavaScript Beautifier

Clean up your JavaScript messy code and make it more readable

About JavaScript Beautifier Tool

JavaScript Beautifier Tool by is a free online tool to format and beautify JavaScript code. It can be used to clean up messy JavaScript code, and optimize code performance and readability. It gives you an easy way to make your code look more readable and maintainable.

JavaScript Beautifier Tool is a very useful tool for those who are writing JavaScript codes. It can format the following aspects of your JavaScript code: indentation, spacing, new lines, and whitespace. The beautifier will also remove comments from the formatted JavaScript code, which can be helpful when you want to see the actual working code without any comments in the way.

Use this tool JavaScript Minifier to Minify your JS code.

How to use TopOnlineTools JavaScript Beautifier?

The TopOnlineTools JavaScript Beautifier is very easy to use and straightforward, all you wanna do is to copy and paste your code inside the toolbox, click Beautify and that's pretty much it. Here's how you can use this tool:

  1. Copy your JavaScript code from your JS file.
  2. Go to
  3. Paste your JS code inside the toolbox.
  4. Hit Beautify. Once you do that, the tool will immediately Beautify your JavaScript code and give you a clean, readable, and nice-looking version of your JavaScript code.
  5. Copy the beautified JS code manually or use the copy icon in the top left of the toolbox.

Why Use Our JavaScript Beautifier Tool?

Our JavaScript Beautifier tool is different from other tools, below are the Pros that you can find in this tool. Our JavaScript Beautifier tool can:

  • Clean up messy code.
  • Make the code more readable.
  • Removes comments and whitespace from your code.
  • Easier to debug.
  • Improving the quality of your work.
  • Breaks long lines into sensible pieces.
  • Adds missing semicolons.

What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, it handles, develops, and improves both HTML and CSS. Where it builds the base and structure of Website applications and programs, it is also distinguished from other languages ​​as it makes other interaction additions and behavior such as zoom in and zoom out and others.

In addition, JavaScript is an OOP scripting language which means the code is running only on browsers (and this is the difference between it and Java), it also functions as both a procedural and an object-oriented programming language.

JavaScript has been used mainly in web and app developments, web and mobile applications, web servers and presentations and slideshows, and others. This is due to its distinctive characteristics, as it is simple, popular, rich in interference, and extended functions.

What Is JavaScript Beautifier? has several tools that have different uses to give the best possible JavaScript codes. It also provides many options and modifications. One of these tools is to beautify and improve codes and arrays.

JavaScript Beautifier is a utility that reformats JavaScript code to adhere to a consistent style, it can be used to make the code more readable and easier to understand.

JavaScript Beautifier is not a compiler. It doesn't analyze the code and make any modifications to it. It just takes the code as input and outputs it in an organized, easy-to-read format.

How does JavaScript Beautifier work?

The beautifier of JavaScript or any other language arranges and organizes the codes in a way that makes them neat and beautiful, this process is done in different ways, and the method varies according to the different language, where JavaScript Beautifier arranges and organizes JavaScript codes and arrays with JavaScript-defined commands. This often happens with all languages, where the tools deal according to the type of code language to be modified.

In short, the tool adds spaces or increases the lines and distributes the codes with them and others so that the form of the codes is arranged in a way that is easy to read and understand, and each tool deals with the same language of the codes to be reformulated.

How to beautify JavaScript?

JavaScript beautification can be done manually or online via an online tool like this one. But if you do it manually, you must rearrange and formulate the codes and arrays separately, as you read the code and rearrange it in the most beautiful picture possible by adding or shifting spaces and increasing or decreasing the number of lines or doing what it needs.

Or you can use our TopOnlineTools JavaScript Beautifier, which is the easiest tool to beautify, format, and prettier JavaScript codes, all you have to do is to open the beautifier, copy your code, paste it, then beautify it, and you are done.

Why beautify JavaScript codes?

When writing codes, they are often unorganized and random, so all developers tend to arrange and beautify them so that working on them is easier and more flexible. 

Arranging the codes makes it easy to correct them when something goes wrong, and the arranged codes take less time than others when processing, reading, or using them. As time is an important factor for developers, saving it is generally a necessity.

With code that is beautified, you can syntax highlight source code is written not just in JavaScript, but in Python,  HTML, JSON, CSS, Google Apps Script, PHP, and other programming languages.

What are the benefits of using a JavaScript beautifier?

It is a common and well-known tool for what it does and for its multiple benefits. We will mention a few of its benefits:

  • The beautifier helps to format your Javascript and helps to obfuscate( which means changing the variable name and minifying) the Javascript.
  • Also, JS Prettier allows you to load the Javascript Source Code URL to beautify. By using your JS URL to format.
  • Other users can also beautify JS Files but only by uploading the file. Beautify JS Online works very well on all Windows,  Linux, MAC, Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and Safari.
  • And as we said earlier, it is a tool that works with high accuracy and speed, which allows you to come up with satisfactory results in record time.
  • JavaScript Beautifier is not just for developers, but also for anyone who wants to understand what the code does.

Is JavaScript Beautifier Safe?

Our tool for JavaScript programmers that work on beautifying their code is 100% safe. Do not worry that your code may be used elsewhere because the tool, in short, learned to save the code temporarily and it is automatically deleted from the site base as soon as you exit the tool page or by simply refreshing the tool page.
Our site is 100% safe for all users because we simply do not store any data about visitors and we also do not track visitors to our site, so you are on a secure site and you can check our site on any tool dedicated to checking websites.
Our website uses HTTPS encryption, which makes your browsing completely secure and encrypted, so you don't have to worry about any data leaking at all.

JavaScript Beautifier Example:

As an example of the Beautified process itself:

function j(l)
{var t=y.length,n=e.type(l);}

After the beautification it becomes:

function j(l)
{var t = y.length
n = e.type(l);}

The beautifier did not change anything in the codes because they were not needed, but rather arranged the codes, placing each code on a line separately. This shows us that the beautifier does what is necessary only without adding unnecessary change.

Does the JavaScript Beautifier Tool Work On Mobile devices?

Our site is equipped and designed to display simply on all devices and on all screen dimensions, so you can access the tool for beautifying our JavaScript codes by accessing our site by searching in Google on (Top Online Tools) or using our website URL

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