Octal to HEX Converter

Convert the numbers of Octal values into their corresponding Hexadecimal equivalent

What is the Octal to HEX converter tool?

The octal to HEX converter tool by TopOnlineTools is a tool that converts the numbers of Octal values into their corresponding Hexadecimal equivalent. This converter provides a fast and easy way for people to convert their numbers from one system to another.

When you are working on your computer and you want to crypt your data but dealing with the binary number system gives you a headache, what do you do? Well don't fret, in addition to the binary system, there are two other less complicated systems the hexadecimal number system and the octal number system.

What is the Octal system?

The octal system as the name enunciates is a base 8 number system the name was derived from the Latin word of the number eight and it is made up of 8 digits the numbers 0 through 7 it is a much easier way to represent large binary numbers as it deals with eight digits instead of 0s and 1s. Now that we understand the octal system we can move on to the hexadecimal system.

What is Hexadecimal?

The hexadecimal number system sometimes also known as hex or base 16 as the name implies is a 16-digit number system with 16 as the radix the hex system represents numbers differently from the ordinary as characters from the alphabet are added, and the hex system represents the numbers from 0 to 15 using the decimal numbers 0 to 9 and the first six letters of the alphabet A, B, C, D, E, F to represent the numbers 10,11,12,13,14,15 respectively.

How to use our Octal to HEX translator?

To use this tool you don't need a knowledgeable base. knowing the basics of computers is more than enough. Here's how you can use the tool step by step.

  • Copy the Octal numbers that you want to convert to HEX.
  • Paste it inside the toolbox of the converter.
  • Click Convert to convert the Octal to HEX.
  • Edit the numbers if there are any mistakes show up after the translation process and that's it.

Why use our Octal to HEX translator tool?

There are many reasons why you need to be using this awesome tool instead of others, these are some of them.

  • Our Octal to HEX converter is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • This tool converts the Octal numbers into their corresponding Hexadecimal fast, you will get your converted code in no time.
  • The converter is accurate, so, rest assured that it won't break your code.
  • We provide this service for free, you won't be charged anything.
  • No limitations using this tool.

What are the differences between Octal and HEX?

  • The hexadecimal system is made up of 16 digits with a radix or base of 16, while the octal consists of 8 digits with a radix or base of 8. Therefore, Representing a hexadecimal digit will require 4 bits while the octal system only requires 3.
  • The hexadecimal system uses the numbers 0-9 which are closer to representing the decimal system as compared to the more complex binary system or the octal that only uses the numbers 0-7.
  • The hexadecimal system is capable of expressing bigger numbers with fewer digits because it is a 16-digit number system the hex system is now employed in computer programming because it represents numbers more succinctly as opposed to the octal system.

How to transform an Octal number into a Hexadecimal?

Manually converting an octal number to hexadecimal is a great struggle. Our Octal to Hex conversion tool gives us a hassle-free road that is reliable to convert from octal to hexadecimal. 

How does the converter work and what is its point?

The converter works by first identifying and confirming that the number entered was a hexadecimal number, after placing it the converter first changes it to the equivalent binary digit which might be a long string of 0s and 1s the converter will then have a built-in sub converter that will convert the binary number into the equivalent octal number.

All the above steps are done in just a couple of seconds max making it faster than manually trying to convert the digits, the converter or tool for translating octal to hex is also very helpful in ensuring that the octal digits from 0-7 are converted to the correct hexadecimal number, a converter tool does not only convert numbers but can also convert complete files from octal to hexadecimal.

To fully understand the process of the conversion process, here are some examples of octal to hex conversions: 

Example 1:

If we were to convert the decimal number 159 which is 237 in octal to a hex number we will have to do two steps

  • Step 1: convert 237 to binary

Every octal number is represented in the binary system using 3 bits.


= 2 3 7

= 010 011 111

= 010011111

  • Step 2: convert 010011111to hex
To convert to hexadecimal it must be grouped into 4 bits
= 0 1001 1111
= 9 F
= 9F
Therefore, 237 in octal equals 9F in hexadecimal.

Example 2:

Convert the decimal number 800 which is 1440 in octal to a hex number. 

  • Step 1: convert 1440 to binary

Every octal number is represented in the binary system using 3 bits.


= 1       4     4     0

= 001 100 100 000

= 001100100000

  • Step 2: convert 001100100000 to hex
To convert to hexadecimal it must be grouped into 4 bits
= 0011 0010 0000
= 3         2        0
= 320
Therefore, 1440 in octal equals 320 in hexadecimal.

In conclusion, the octal to hex converter is a very essential tool that ensures quick reliable conversion of numbers from the octal system to the hexadecimal system, as we noticed from the examples above the octal number 1440 was represented by only 320 in the hexadecimal system taking much less space which further enunciates that the hex system is better at space saving.